EUSO – Citizen Engagement – Soil Literacy  

The European Union Soil Observatory (EUSO) – launched in December last year – held a three day (19-21 October) online seminar to firm up its five objectives. Many high-level representatives of EU institutions took the floor, providing their inputs, suggestions and analysis. We remind readers that the SIP Forum has formally signed up to EUSO.

We will focus on the session “Citizen Engagement – Soil Literacy (with Soil Mission)” held on the 21 October related specifically to EUSO’s fifth objective: “Providing an open and inclusive European Soil Forum“. Attended by more than 12 speakers it had the aim of “breaking the ice” and setting the conditions for an open and inclusive debate.

The presence of EU institutions and of different groups meant that it was possible to set out what this EUSO Forum could achieve. SIP Forum was among the invited participants and had the opportunity to describe its recent round table held on 28 June.

We are confident that EUSO staff will take on board the inputs received and that as part of its next steps future meetings will include participants from other major actors involved in soil preservation, such as the European Investment Bank, the DG for mobility and transport , the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC), the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW), FridaysForFuture, etc.

  Recordings will be available from https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/