Plan to put the Mission on the Soil into action

Mission on the soil: On 29 September the European Commission launched a new mission in Horizon Europe, the EU’s research programme, called “Soil Deal for Europe“. The main goal of the mission is to create 100 living labs and lighthouses by 2030 to lead the transition towards healthy soils. 60-70% of Europe’s soils are currently in deep trouble.

Can we regard this as a concrete response to the “blahblahblah” criticised by Greta Thunberg? Maybe not, for three reasons: i) because soil science researchers, with rare exceptions, have no influence over political choices; ii) because the large amounts of money involved require large and expensive management and oversight structures that researchers are unable to manage; iii) because the coordination and exchange with the labs/lighthouses selected or created lies with these structures, that is, it does not exist.

Would it not then be wiser to take advantage of the transition to use ad hoc structures like the EEA (European Environment Agency) and the European Soil Observatory (EUSO) and give them the task of setting and coordinating labs and lighthouses thus creating a permanent structure?  

We hope to be proved wrong by the results of the projects and actions that will be funded. However we believe it is unrealistic to wait until 2030 to see the results of the implementation of this Mission.