EUSO  – Meeting of 21 October (continued)

In last month’s newsletter we wrote about our participation in the EUSO’s online session “Citizen Engagement – Soil Literacy (with Soil Mission)”. 

Some of our readers, who also took part, were disappointed at the small amount of space given to presenters drawn from civil society, while a great deal of time was given to national and European institutions.

We understand where they are coming from and share their disappointment.

We believe, however, that the EUSO Forum is still trying to find its role and position and that it will continue to do so, including by repeating the classic errors of the European institutions. These institutions impose on themselves a choice of “insiders” as principal speakers (drawn from other DGs or EU institutions), followed by those representing Member States, and in last place, if there is space (or time) representatives of  civil society.

As the SIP Forum, our contribution (attached) shows that we tried to map out an alternative approach that we think (hope?) the EUSO could adopt in future.

The complete recording of the EUSO afternoon meeting on 21 October can be found here: https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/euso-stakeholder-forum-day-3