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IPCC Interactive Atlas   

We were asked for further information on the IPCC Report referred to in our November newsletter. We believe that the Report for Political Decisionmakers (at 40 pages long) is sufficient for understaning the dramatic nature of the situation. At the moment the text is only available in English. The IPCC has made available an interactive tool that replies to “questions” including at the regional level when you click on a map of the world. By activating the various functions you can see possible climate variations (temperature, precipitation, maximum levels) and projections up to 2100. It is both highly practical and very simple to use, because it is intuitive. We recommend using it when you want to understand how the environmental situation can change based on variations as small as half a degree Celsius. As an example we reproduce below the result for an increase of 3° Celsius in the Mediterranean region, of the percentage variation in total precipitations.