Sad news of the death of Pierre Rabhi, 5 December 2021

Not all our readers will be familiar with the name of Pierre Rabhi. He was described variously as a farmer, philosopher, agronomist, politician, writer. We prefer to call him a “life teacher”. His whole life was dedicated to farming that respects nature and its rhythms. It’s no coincidence that he is regarded as one of the fathers of agroecology. His cultivation methods start from respect for the soil, which nourishes and feeds all life, not just that which springs directly from it. Exactly the opposite of intensive farming and livestock rearing.

It would be reductive, however, to think of him solely in terms of the environment. Considered one of the apostles of “alterglobalism”, his books are a hymn to the recognition of the prioritisation of life, humans and the natural world over technology and consumerism.

His book “Vers la sobriété heureuse” is a manifesto for a fulfilled life that does not require going beyond one’s own needs. In Rabhi’s view, women are better able to understand the value of nature and its preservation for future generations than men.

A large part of his time was spent in training, through many programmes and projects to combat desertification and malnutrition in Africa and the Maghreb.

In France in 2006 he set up the Mouvement international pour la terre et l’humanisme (International Movement for Earth and Humanism), and in 2007 he founded the Colibris Movement (https://www.colibris-lemouvement.org/) which “works for the creation of an ecological and united society, one that is radically different, encouraging the passage to individual and collective action.”

We would like to end with Rabhi’s warning:

“The Planet does not belong to us,

we belong to it.

We pass, it remains.”