Is the GSE really necessary?

As already announced, the Gruppo Suolo Europa (GSE) will hold its annual meeting online on 18 February between 20:00 and 23:00. The meeting will be held in Italian. The focus of the discussion will be: Is the continued existence of this SIP Forum working group necessary? All those who signed up by 25th January and have received the relevant documentation will be eligible to take part.

The observations that have emerged so far raise questions about the validity of any future action by the GSE. It is questionable whether the GSE responds to the needs of the younger generation. Those who have taken part so far in the GSE’s activities will be able to continue doing so in other ways and using different methods, while a new way of communicating is needed to reach the parts that have so far eluded us: for example, groups on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Telegram – perhaps in English – are more likely to engage young people than this Newsletter.

This is why we need people to take on responsibility for the GSE and take up the challenge of drawing up the European law on the soil, which will be the focus of fierce debate among the various lobbies involved. In addition, this subject needs to be dealt with by the SIP Forum as a whole, rather than by a delegated body.

Those who have run the GSE so far must be capable of taking a step back, and leaving space for younger people while still making themselves available when requested.

“New things are done only by the young because they are willing to cooperate enthusiastically and without egoism (La macchina Zero – Ciaj Rocchi, Matteo Demonte)