Società della Cura

“Leave behind the profit-based economy, to build the society of care” says the manifesto of the Società della Cura launched at the end of 2020 and supported by 1400 individuals, organizations and groups. 

What do they mean? “Not wasting the lessons of the pandemic, facing up to climate collapse and social injustice by rejecting the hierarchy of values and powers that rules the world to build a society based on care for ourselves, for others, and for the planet.”

What are the specific aims?

1. Ecological transformation of society 

2. Work, income and welfare in the society of care

3. Social reappropriation of common goods and public services

4. Centrality of local territory and local democracy 

5. Peace, cooperation, welcome and solidarity 

6. Science and technology at the service of life and not war

7. Finance at the service of life and of rights

Those with an interest in the field will recognize, when reading the manifesto, themes and arguments put forward by the GNDE, FFF and XR, as well as many other groups and organizations.  So why are we talking about it? Because the Società della Cura was born out of a desire to unite, removing the barriers that stand in the way of those who long for a new kind of society but who do not succeed in coming together even though they have the same aims. They have been working to address this problem and we applaud their most recent initiative: the Forum della convergenza dei movimenti [Forum on the convergence of movements] which was held in Rome between 25 and 27 February 2022.

 For further info: societadellacura@gmail.com