International Convention for the elimination of the war industry

Let’s return to the Green New Deal for Europe, whose 2nd edition was published in December 2019. We remind readers that the 90+ page document is available in a downloadable PDF. The document recommends a total of 85 political actions, of which we would like to highlight number 52:

“Negotiate a new International Convention for the Elimination of War Industry to free countries around the world to invest in the fight against climate damage.”

What does this aim mean?

“Finally, the largest consumers of oil in the world are military organisations through the vehicles of war in the air, on land and at sea. The EU must use the Open Method of Coordination with member states to stop all unnecessary military equipment movements. The EU must also be aggressive in its Common Foreign and Security Policy in preventing wars and the conditions that give rise to war, by negotiating a new International Convention for the Elimination of War Industry. This will aim to reduce government military budgets in order to fund the humanity’s fight against climate damage”.

Is this utopian? On the contrary, it is what is most needed for the very future of the EU.