REPowerEU is the European plan to break EU dependency on Russian gas, and to find freedom in EU energy choices. This is the plan announced, with harsh words due to the war in Ukraine. The main aim should be to protect those who are struggling to pay their energy bills, the most exposed households and businesses.

What does the plan consist of? This is how it was presented by the Commission’s executive Vice president Frans Timmermans:

REPowerEU “is based on two tracks:

First: we will diversify supply and bring in more renewable gases. With more LNG and pipeline imports, we can replace 60 bcm of Russian gas within the next 12 months. By doubling sustainable production of biomethane we can replace another 18 bcm, using the Common Agricultural Policy to help farmers become energy producers. We can also increase the production and import of renewable hydrogen. A Hydrogen Accelerator will develop integrated infrastructure and offer all Member States access to affordable renewable hydrogen. 20 million tonnes of hydrogen can replace 50 bcm of Russian gas.”

“In parallel, we must accelerate our clean energy transition. Renewables make us more independent, and they are more affordable and reliable than the volatile gas market.

So, we need to put millions more photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our homes, businesses, and farms. We must also double the installation rate of heat pumps over the next 5 years.

This is low-hanging fruit. By the end of this year, almost 25% of Europe’s current electricity production could come from solar energy. In addition to this, we need to speed up permitting procedures to grow our on- and offshore wind capacity, and rollout large-scale solar projects. This is a matter of overriding public interest.”

So it took a war for people to take decisions that could have been taken years ago, and have been called for by so many, including environmental movements and the young people of Fridays For Future … .