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Farewell ESG?  

This is the final Newsletter of the European Soil Group (GSE), a working group of the Save the Landscape (SIP) Forum. This does not mean we will stop engaging with the soil and its European dimension. If necessary this will be done through the medium of specific articles directly on the SIP Forum website . Meanwhile the current ESG website will remain accessible to anyone who is interested in the analysis of the subject of the soil and its European dimension.

The email address will also remain active and will be used mainly for receiving information on the international actions in which the SIP Forum officially participates.

Our hope is that a group of young people will come together to continue the study and analysis of the subject of the soil/land/landscape in relation to the EU, using their own methods and making their own contributions.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported this Newsletter over the years. Through your regular and continued support you have helped us reach a total of 1200 articles, almost 27500 page views, and around 14650 visitors to the website. The latter represents a store of useful knowledge that can still be accessed by anyone who wishes to find out more about the subjects we have dealt with over the past almost 7 years.  A list of the articles will be compiled over the next few months and sent to everyone on this distribution list in order to facilitate consultation.

A final thank-you to all those who have followed, read, commented, and offered their critiques: your contributions have allowed us to keep this fruitful communication activity alive.