Building up synergies and dialogue

One of the main aims the SIP Forum is trying to reach with the Soil Europe Group (SIP-SEG) is to make contact with associations and civil society representations. The aim is to create a network of groups, institutions and people in Europe who can agree on the common objective to save and protect soil for current and future generations.

With this view, contacts are made informally with concerned people and groups in various EU Member States. The intention is to check people’s availability to converge on same objectives.

Let’ remind that we mainly try to appeal to groups and associations that do not deal with soil as a main priority. With those who do have soil as a priority, we keep finding ways to make connections and create synergies. Continua a leggere “Building up synergies and dialogue”


Meeting the Farmers’ Category – Group III of the EESC

One of the main objectives of the SIP Forum is to collect recommendations from various stakeholders, in order to adopt a new strategy to protect EU soil. We are currently following two pathways: a) reinforcing communication and contacts throughout Europe with associations and civil society organizations which are not dealing with soil as a priority; b) establishing a dialogue with other stakeholders who are interested in soil (builders, farmers, planners, administrators …).

With regard to the second objective, the Forum has been invited to present its work on 26 September 2017 at the Farmers Category from Group III of the EESC. This is the second meeting taking place there – the previous one, with the Consumers and Environment Category took place on 21 June. Continua a leggere “Meeting the Farmers’ Category – Group III of the EESC”

Meeting at the EESC and presentation of the SIP Forum

The meeting with the Consumers and Environment Category of Group III of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) took place on June 21.

The PowerPoint presentation (in English) presented the following topics: a brief presentation of the SIP Forum, its activities in Italy and at European level; soil as a fundamental life element; soil and the European dimension; soil= “brown gold”; the need to take individual action; the specific role of the EESC (supporting a study on different ‘soil’ actors’ perceptions, which would create a neutral platform for direct confrontation); and finally, recommendations from the various actors present, in order to evaluate a new strategy for soil protection in the EU.

There were two main recommendations: reinforcing communication and contact all over Europe with civil society associations and organisations who do not have soil as a priority; secondly, establishing dialogue with interested actors (ie. constructors, farmers, planners, administrators…)

Comments from members of the Category and the debate which followed drew special attention to: the complexity of soil-related action; the need for educational-related action for various school levels; the rise of the population at global and European level; the turn to ‘soil fertility-friendly’ agricultural activities; how to confront the contradictions of the Common Agricultural Policy; awareness of soil’s eco-systemic functions; importance of soil and its positive contribution to reducing climate change related problems; safeguard of soil in the context of rights related to climate change; how to select land to build establishments without clashing with agricultural or rural activities; special attention to pollution coming from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The members of the Category saw this meeting as a first explanatory moment. Availability to closely follow the initiatives proposed by the SIP Forum were made plenty.

A copy of the presentation is available here in pdf format: or upon request to