GNDE (Civil Society) – GNE (European Commission): Vive la différence!

Attentive readers will have noticed that this section is no longer called the “European Dimension“. This is a change not just of name but of content. We think it is necessary to follow the debate around the Green Pact for Europe closely. As we have already noted, on one side is the European Commission’s GDE and on the other the GNDE coming from civil society.

Since we are not “neutral”, we prefer concrete suggestions, which is why we support the proposals of civil society – which are almost always ignored – since they are more concrete and less “improvised”. We believe, however, in a dialogue that is open and as constructive as possible and this is why we report on the proposals and actions of both sides.

We will then add a third section, containing concrete ideas that can lead to changes in behaviour, at both the individual, political and European levels.

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GDE – GNDE: Vive la différence !

In the previous Newsletter we wrote about the Green Deal for Europe – GND, the document of the new European Commission, raising some doubts and questions especially as regards the soil.

There is however a document drawn up by civil society: The Green New Deal for Europe – GNDE that tries to set out a Europe-wide plan for a workable transition. Three organizations were involved in preparing the first draft of the document: Green Public Works (GPW), Environmental Union (EnU) and Environmental Justice Commission (EJC). Their work circulated among various NGOs before being handed over for scrutiny of the analysis and contributions last September. The final document is not yet available but the draft includes discussion of the soil in its different contexts: environmental, agricultural, and urban, with a single common aim: “Beyond reaching net-zero emissions, the Green New Deal for Europe must also work to reverse biodiversity loss, soil degradation, and other forms of environmental breakdown.” Continua a leggere “GDE – GNDE: Vive la différence !”

GDE – GNDE: Viva la differenza !

Nel precedente Bollettino abbiamo parlato del Green Deal for Europe – GND ( Patto Verde per l’Europa) sollevando dubbi e perplessità soprattutto per quello che riguarda il suolo.

Vi è però un documento preparato dalla società civile: The Green New Deal For Europe – GNDE (Il nuovo patto verde per l’Europa) che affronta la definizione di una pianificazione europea per una giusta transizione. Sono tre le organizzazioni che si sono unite per preparare le prime bozze: Green Public Works (GPW), Environmental Union (EnU) e Environmental Justice Commission (EJC). Il loro lavoro è circolato tra varie associazioni non governative e successivamente è passato al vaglio di analisi e contributi già a partire dallo scorso settembre. Il documento finale non è ancora disponibile nell’apposito sito, ma la bozza … contiene la parola suolo declinato nei suoi vari contesti: ambientale, agricolo, urbano e con un solo comune obiettivo: “Oltre a raggiungere emissioni nette zero, il New Green Deal for Europe deve anche lavorare per invertire la perdita di biodiversità, il degrado del suolo e altre forme di degrado ambientale.”

Il punto di partenza del GNDE è molto chiaro: “Oggi l’Europa affronta tre crisi sovrapposte. Continua a leggere “GDE – GNDE: Viva la differenza !”

The Green Deal for Europe

In recent weeks we have heard increasingly about the Green Deal for Europe with which the new European Commission has introduced itself, as a way of responding to the protests of young people and others throughout society who are demanding concrete actions instead of rivers of words. The person responsible is Commissioner Frans Timmermans.

Until now environmental questions had been blocked by the previous Commission. Now we are seeing a revitalization of the EU’s structures on this subject in the light of preparation for the Green Deal. But what does this consist of?

We can find out by reading the document that was presented officially on 11.12.2019 which is available in English, French and German on the European Commission’s site (Bruxelles, COM(2019) 640 final). It is a list of good intentions and fine words, with descriptions of “frenetic” activities to be carried out between 2020 and 2021 to prepare plans, directives, and legislation. The Commission presents this document as a roadmap to be carried out with citizens, civil society, member states and states outside the EU. Continua a leggere “The Green Deal for Europe”