Declaration Pesticide Free Towns

The SIP Forum signed the declaration from Mayors and MEPs which was officially presented to the Round Table on Pesticide Free Towns held at the European Parliament on 27 September 2018. The swift adoption at European level of a law (already passed in France) prohibiting the use and sale of chemical pesticides in urban areas would both protect the health of people living in those areas and encourage the survival  of the microrganisms, fauna and flora that live in the soil and are at severe risk from pesticides.

The SIP Forum regards support for this declaration to be a first step towards educating mayors and their administrations. Without waiting for specific laws or regulations, municipalities can take steps to implement the content of the declaration, which springs from simple good sense. Many mayors from various EU countries, and Italy in particular, have already introduced municipal regulations leading to the elimination and non-use of pesticides in the areas they govern. The first step is to start by informing and educating Continua a leggere “Declaration Pesticide Free Towns”


Pesticide free management of green public areas

Last 27 February, the webinar[1]Pesticide free management of green public areas” took place. It was the first training event organised by PAN Europe as part of its Campaign on “Pesticide Free Towns”. PAN (Pesticide Action Network) is a Brussels-based NGO founded in 1987 and is committed to fight against the use of pesticides (see the October 2017 Newsletter n.40 for a brief introduction to PAN ).

The European Network of Pesticide Free Towns is a PAN project that seeks on the one hand to gather a critical mass of towns and cities committed to stopping the use of pesticides, and on the other hand to act as a European platform where experiences, practices, and knowledge can be shared and mutual support can be offered.

Amongst the Webinar participants was Michela Bilotta, the project coordinator for Italy. She underlined how important it was for the municipalities that have decided to ban the use of pesticides in public areas to raise awareness amongst its citizens via a variety of tools, by creatively resorting to social media, poster boards, etc. Many French and Flemish municipalities have already done so.

Professor Fabio Taffetani, tenured professor of the Marche Polytechnic University delivered a very interesting speech, describing the type of spontaneous plants that Continua a leggere “Pesticide free management of green public areas”

La gestione sostenibile degli spazi verdi nelle aree urbane

Lo scorso 27 Febbraio si è tenuto il Webinar[1]La gestione sostenibile degli spazi verdi nelle aree urbane”. Si tratta del primo appuntamento formativo organizzato da PAN Europe nell’ambito della campagna “Città Libere dai Pesticidi”. PAN Europe è una ONG con sede a Bruxelles impegnata dal 1987 nella lotta contro l’utilizzo dei pesticidi chimici (vedi presentazione del PAN Europa nel Bollettino n. 40 del 1 ottobre 2017).

La Rete Europea delle Città Libere dai Pesticidi è il progetto PAN che nasce con l’obiettivo di riunire una massa critica di Comuni impegnati ad eliminare l’uso degli antiparassitari e fornire una piattaforma europea all’interno della quale condividere esperienze, pratiche e conoscenze, ricevendo un supporto reciproco. Continua a leggere “La gestione sostenibile degli spazi verdi nelle aree urbane”