European social dialogue for sustainable construction

Last year, the Soil Europe Group on behalf of the SIP Forum was developing contacts and urging institutions to organize meetings and dialogues with institutional and social actors who deal with soil. Some of the counterparties underlined that the debate was already taking place and that representatives of civil society and those from construction companies had already published some guidelines.

Our counterparties were referring to the Communication from the European Commission to the European Parliament and the Council Strategy entitled “Strategy for sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises” (COM/2012/0433 of 31/7/2012). They also meant the “BROAD – Building a Green Social Dialogue”, a research project financed by the Commission. Continua a leggere “European social dialogue for sustainable construction”


The SIP Forum’s Bill for Popular Initiative

A bill for popular initiative drafted by the SIP Forum on fighting soil consumption and on reutilizing urbanised soil has been finalized!

This was sent out to all those taking part (over 1000 organisations and thousands of individuals) to be evaluated carefully, and to in turn receive feedback for improvement.

The work was backed by the effort of 75 people of the SIP Forum’s specific Technical-Scientific Working Group. It is presented in a complex document, given the variety of different aspects of the matter to be confronted. We should also remind you that the current situation – Italy coming first in the EU soil consumption ranking (see Section D of the newsletter) – is due to the interaction and intertwining of various actors (from real estate promoters to politicians) who have not been defending soil and its fertility. To stop this unacceptable and incorrect behaviour every aspect had to be explained, and mechanisms devised to stop it were defined. Continua a leggere “The SIP Forum’s Bill for Popular Initiative”

Meeting at the EESC and presentation of the SIP Forum

The meeting with the Consumers and Environment Category of Group III of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) took place on June 21.

The PowerPoint presentation (in English) presented the following topics: a brief presentation of the SIP Forum, its activities in Italy and at European level; soil as a fundamental life element; soil and the European dimension; soil= “brown gold”; the need to take individual action; the specific role of the EESC (supporting a study on different ‘soil’ actors’ perceptions, which would create a neutral platform for direct confrontation); and finally, recommendations from the various actors present, in order to evaluate a new strategy for soil protection in the EU.

There were two main recommendations: reinforcing communication and contact all over Europe with civil society associations and organisations who do not have soil as a priority; secondly, establishing dialogue with interested actors (ie. constructors, farmers, planners, administrators…)

Comments from members of the Category and the debate which followed drew special attention to: the complexity of soil-related action; the need for educational-related action for various school levels; the rise of the population at global and European level; the turn to ‘soil fertility-friendly’ agricultural activities; how to confront the contradictions of the Common Agricultural Policy; awareness of soil’s eco-systemic functions; importance of soil and its positive contribution to reducing climate change related problems; safeguard of soil in the context of rights related to climate change; how to select land to build establishments without clashing with agricultural or rural activities; special attention to pollution coming from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The members of the Category saw this meeting as a first explanatory moment. Availability to closely follow the initiatives proposed by the SIP Forum were made plenty.

A copy of the presentation is available here in pdf format: or upon request to

Stop Glyphosate

Stop Glyphosate – The Sip Forum officially joined the signature gathering to present a proposal to the Commission: to ban officially glyphosate (ECI – European Citizens Initiative); to reform the pesticide approval procedure; and set limits to reduce the use of pesticides at EU level. Signing is only online.

More details, please go HERE.

Festa nazionale del Suolo a Roma (5/12/2015)

La Festa si è tenuta come previsto a Roma nella Città dell’Altra Economia. È stata una giornata importante in cui si è potuto parlare di suolo non solo nelle conferenze e tra gli “addetti ai lavori”. Persone interessate, curiosi e soprattutto bambini hanno potuto “vedere” il suolo con occhi diversi, toccarlo e conoscerne l’importanza. Nello stand del Forum del SIP uno spazio specifico è stato riservato agli Angeli del Suolo.

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