Pesticide Action Network (PAN) – Europe

In the European Union there are many organisations fighting for a better society, a future in which our children and grandchildren will not be able to blame us for passivity and incompetence. They are vital for the European Institutions themselves and to make democracy persist. At times, a local perspective on certain issues can make us forget the many organisations which deal with the same issues in other European countries.

Here we will introduce you to Pesticide Action Network (PAN), an organisation which strives to minimise the negative effects of hazardous pesticides and to replace their use with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. The network was founded in 1982 and has over the years included up to over 600 non-governmental organisations, institutions and individuals in over 60 countries worldwide, which are co-ordinated by 5 autonomous regional centres, one of which in Europe (since 1987). The European centre has its headquarters in Brussels: in this way they are able to more closely follow policy developments at the EU institutions regarding agriculture, environment and health, and their involvement with the use of synthetic pesticides or other toxic chemicals. PAN represents consumer interests and aims at influencing these policies, by making claims in favour of the well-being of citizens, consumers and farmers. PAN – Europe network includes 38 associations, two of which are Italian : PAN- Italia and the Accademia delle Erbe Spontanee, in English ‘Wild Herbs Academy’ which both have headquarters in Ancona.

The work of PAN involves eliminating farmers’ dependency on chemical pesticides and to support safe sustainable pest control methods for current and future generations. Various research organisation offering a wide range of alternatives to pesticides and biocides often add to PAN’s activities. Their information campaigns are worthy of mention. Aside from Stop Glyphosate! let us remind you of the following : Low Impact Farming (which also deals with prosecco productions in Italy);  Pesticide Free Towns; Save Honey Bees ; Voices of Pesticides .

PAN is of relevance to the SIP Forum and for all those who work and deal with soil both for its technical activities and for its organisational structure. Namely its ability to be present in many different countries for the same reasons and with the same aims: to produce with the use of agrochemicals without harming people or the environment.

For more information: Henriette Christensen    henriette@pan-europe.info