4 per 1000 Initiative: Conclusions of the Marrakesh meeting and its workshops

The report on the last November meeting has been finalized and sent to all partners. Aside from a summary of the plenary debate, it contains recommendations from the four different themed workshops, of which we here show you the conclusions.

Here the entire original report in English for your reading (a French version is available upon request).

Workshop no. 1: Contribution to NDC (National Declared Contributions) definition and implementation

The desire is for a robust system providing a range of benefits, which would represent substantial value-added. Creation of a “4 per 1000” hub is strongly recommended to support the Initiative, based in research and focused on action. Workshop no. 2: Expectations regarding project evaluation reference criteria

The desired set of reference criteria must be a comprehensive, multidimensional tool covering the environmental, social and economic goals and issues. It must be straightforward and dynamic. Its construction must involve all stakeholders and it must start out from what is already available.

Workshop no. 3: The collaborative platform and the networking of actors

It is important to involve the stakeholders in the construction of the platform (design, test, review). Inclusion of farmers is of key importance and the formation of farmers’ committees would be useful. It must enable information to be collected from all involved and to disseminate information.

Workshop no. 4: What funding is available for projects aligned with the goals of the


The expectations for the funding aspect of projects fall into several categories: networking, facilitation of the setting up of projects, provision of tools for project evaluation and monitoring, knowledge and the sharing of information. It is of key importance that projects should offer social and economic benefits along with resilience and sustainability for farmers in order for them to feel a sense of ownership over the long term. In addition, alongside the variety of funding sources, it is important that those sources should be secure and effective.